Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Candidates Into The Stretch Run in Kenora-Rainy River

It's into the final stretch in the Ontario election campaign.

In Kenora-Rainy River, Sarah Campbell is, this time, the incumbent and is standing on her record as she seeks a second term.

Campbell says the desire for a change in government is among the most frequent topic coming up when she's met with voters.

It may not be statistically significant, but the results are interesting none-the-less.

In our recent on-line poll on 895The Lake.ca, 49 percent of respondants feel
the Conservatives will win this Thursday's provincial election.

Surprisingly 37 percent picked the NDP and just 12 percent think the Liberals
might pull out a victory.

This week we're asking you who you think will win the Kenora-Rainy River

You can log onto 895thelake.ca and cast your vote.